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referral-slipAre you looking to grow your business through referrals from other London business owners? Then you’re in the right place.

We think Business Networking London is an excellent way to get new clients and grow your business.

Wikipedia defines business networking as a marketing method by which business opportunities are created through networks of like-minded business people. And that’s exactly what BNI was set up to help you achieve.

At BNI West Hampstead we create opportunities through referrals. A referral is an introduction to a business or person who is ready to talk business with you and isexpecting your call.

Business networking London is a proven way for get more business through referral marketing. And the place to meet for business networking London is BNI West Hampstead. Click here and try BNI.

Are you ready to grow your business through networking in London? Would you like to meet and network with a friendly group that seeks to help each other out?

That’s exactly what we do every single week. In fact, we generate dozens of new referrals for each other, and people who visit us, every single week. We welcome business owners like you who would like to try BNI, and see if it’s right for your business.

We’d Like to Find out More about Your Business

The members of BNI West Hampstead are highly motivated London business owners that generate a lot of referrals for each other.

We also generate plenty of referrals for those who visit our meetings. That’s why business networking London is an excellent way to grow your business. And right now we’re especially keen to meet and network with people in these professions.

BNI West Hampstead is the premier Business Networking London group to join. We meet every Thursday morning, and the focus is placed squarely on business. You’ll find a very friendly group too, keen to find out more about what you do and how we might help you. Click here and try BNI now.

Our Business Networking London Group is currently made up of these professions…

About us

Business Network International (BNI) is the biggest and most successful business referral organisation in the world.

West Hampstead BNI is a local group that operates in North and Central London. We make the most of a powerful concept called word of mouth marketing. In simple terms which means we refer business to each other from our own contacts. Click here and try BNI.

We like to think we’re more than a business referral group though. We’re a bit like a family. A support network. All eager to find each other new business.

We meet once a week, present our businesses, ask for introductions, give referrals to each other and spend a bit of time networking. It’s a highly effective way of business networking London.

The rest of the week we’re busy representing each other. If we hear of a potential lead for one of the members through our contacts, we’ll recommend them. It takes no time at all, but can be extremely valuable. It works pretty well; last year we passed on 1,328 referrals. Now that’s not to be sniffed at.

But that’s not all. By being a BNI member you also have access to other BNI chapters across London. So if you’d like to network with the members of the Mayfair chapter, you can. If you’d like to see if the members of St Pauls BNI can help you out, you can. There are 35 chapters in London, which increases your networking opportunities hugely.

Like the sound of that? Then why not pop over for a visit and see if we’re a good fit. Click here and try BNI.

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