From time-to-time our Business Networking International group has used power teams as a means of having members invite visitors to our group.

Now there’s a new way to view what a power team is…

A group containing 2 or more people who work together to win business they wouldn’t otherwise get

For example – let’s imagine that you and I created a package that gave online retailers a complete legal framework and marketing system.

In doing so, we have formed a business networking London power team. By joining forces in this way we offer online retailers the convenience of getting both services at once.

This type of power team exists only to market a specific product or service. You may well join other power teams that don’t require web marketing or SEO services.

This type of power team exists specifically to promote a particular product or service. Its purpose is to help its members reach new markets.

It’s worth noting that this form of networking Power Team generates a lot more referrals than you might otherwise expect to get. It’s an example of why joining a BNI Chapter can be a very lucrative investment.

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