BNI West Hampstead defines a Power Team as “2 or more people who work together to win business they otherwise wouldn’t get.”

In other words, we think a Power Team should be created to pursue a specific business opportunity.

Previously our BNI group has thought of a Power Team only as a group of people in related businesses. It’s purpose was unclear, and once a particular Power Team had formed it tended to struggle with the question what do we do now?

Contrast this with a Power Team that forms to pursue a specific business objective. That objective tends to determine…

Who should be in the Power Team
What the group ought to do
Who should be in a particular BNI Power Team? Simple. Those people required to achieve its business objective.

A Power Team might find its Business Networking International group doesn’t have some of the people it needs. That Power Team can then start looking for people, and invite them to join.

What should a particular BNI Power Team do? Put together a product or service and start marketing it.

Imagine if 3 people form a Power Team that aims to sell a combined web design, web hosting, e-commerce and web marketing package. This group hopes to provide a one-stop solution for independent retailers looking to start an online version of the own store.

One of the roles the Power Team requires is a web hosting company. If its BNI group doesn’t have such a person, they will have to go looking for him/her.

This approach highlights specific roles the Power Team is missing. And provides a clear self-interest for its members to go out and find people who might fill the missing role(s).

It creates an opportunity to build the Power Team’s BNI Chapter through the business activity of the team itself.

This type of Power Team is also likely to benefit other people in the chapter. For example, a commercial lawyer has expertise likely to be of interest to the team’s target market. If the BNI Chapter has a commercial lawyer, s/he is likely to receive many referrals from the Power Team in the example.

The Power Team concept is an excellent example of how business owners benefit by joining BNI. Click here and try BNI now.

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